Why GoPro?

You will get answers to as many questions as you’ll like to ask, as long as it has to do with digital marketing, branding, and visibility strategies.

This mentorship program is for…

  • Startups
  • SMEs Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital skills enthusiasts
  • Tech skill enthusiasts, and
  • Work-from-home entrepreneurs


And here’s what you stand to gain in 20 days…

  • I’ll be guiding you on how the digital space works
  • How to use social tools to your advantage
  • How to reposition your business online to maximize profit
  • How to place your business on Google’s first page
  • The easiest and most profitable method to run Google ad
  • How to optimize your website (or business pages) on the digital space
  • How to run targeted and goal-oriented adverts on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp (especially how to fund your account or pay the money you owe Facebook)
  • How email marketing works and how to plan your email sequences

When you sign up…

You can either choose to receive your mentorship sessions in-person (at LAskill Training Center in Uyo) or online via WhatsApp or Zoom.

Here’s the sweetest part…

You’ll get 24/7 answers to all of your questions, plus tailored guidance from me just for ₦30,000 only (no kobo).


Or reach me via regular call or WhatsApp: