LAskill is a training institute focused on helping individuals to discover, learn, and monetize their skills by providing private and group training for interested persons or organizations.


Our Core Value

To ensure that every individual that comes in contact with us gets fulfilled after walking through our 3-phase teaching model which are; Discover, Learn, Monetize.

In the 1st phase, DISCOVER

We open up their minds to the amazing opportunities of the skill(s) they’re about to learn - helping them understand its relevance and how profitable it is.

In the 2nd phase, LEARN

We walk them through the process of learning and acquiring the desired skill without beating around the bush. We ensure they understand the fundamentals of the skill and the easiest way to grab what is been taught.

In the 3rd phase, MONETIZE

​Having been equipped with the right knowledge, it's that time when they need to be seen as an authority in their niche. We teach them how to strategically market themselves online and offline in order to get paying clients and referrals.