Digital Skills Training at LAskill: Almost FREE!!!

An overview of what you’ll learn and why you should register for the May 2022 edition of our bi-monthly digital skills training

The importance of LEARNING DIGITAL SKILLS cannot be overemphasized again.

At LAskill Training Center, we thought it wise to play our role in making these skills available to everyone in Uyo for almost free.

Our goal is simple. They are…

  1. To prepare our youths for international job opportunities
  2. To help individuals to learn profitable skills that will make them employable
  3. To create a reputable digital presence for all skilled/business owners in Akwa Ibom State

Truth is…

If you’re not earning via the digital space or if you’re yet to learn a minimum of 1 digital skill then the future isn’t for you.

Maybe you missed the opportunity of learning a digital skill while growing up or you were not opportune to learn one because of the cost, whatever your reason might be, the fact remains that as we sleep each day and wake up the next, the cost of acquiring a digital skill will continue to skyrocket.

So, why participate in this digital skills training?

The reason is simple. You have to evolve with the world. Digital skills are the next big thing and only goal-oriented parents will enroll their kids (and even themselves)

To cut the long story short, here are some reasons why you should participate in this training and what you’ll learn.

  1. There’ll be scholarships for 30 participants to learn any skill of their choice that we offer
  2. You’ll get to learn from industry experts who are currently earning from these skills and the strategies they apply
  3. You get certified by LAskill Training Center + a 1-month free mentorship
  4. You also get a collaboration and partnership deal with us
  5. Job offers and internships for the top 10 participants are also available
  6. And there’ll be branded T-shirts giveaway for 6 participants

Group A – Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and Graphic Design with Canva

You’ll learn the strategies that work best and how to effectively monetize your skill online and offline. You’ll also learn how to creatively use the Canva design tool for attention-grabbing marketing.

Group A training outline
  • 1.1 – Introduction to digital marketing
    1.2 – Branding, online sales, and visibility strategies
    1.3 – Search engine optimization
    1.4 – Social media marketing
    1.5 – Video marketing
    1.6 – Facebook advertising
    1.7 – Google ranking and advertising
  • 2.1 – Introduction to Canva (Why start free?)
    2.2 – Understanding Canva elements and toolbars
    2.3 – Qualities of a good design
    2.4 – Let’s create wonders (pictures & videos for marketing)

Group B – Affiliate Marketing and Mini-importation from Turkey

You’ll learn how to earn a commission selling other people’s products using proven tactics and affiliate programs from reliable sources. You’ll also learn how to import directly from Turkey through registered brands.

Group B training outline
  • 1.1 – Introduction to affiliate marketing
    1.2 – How to choose your nitch
    1.3 – Keyword research
    1.4 – Setting up your landing page
    1.5 – Landing page promotion tactics
    1.6 – Direct marketing strategies
    1.7 – Social media marketing
    1.8 – Reliable affiliate platforms/programs
    1.9 – Monetization strategies
    1.10 – Getting paid directly into your account
    1.11 – Conclusion
  • 2.1 – Introduction to Turkey importation
    2.2 – What you can import from the Turkey market
    2.3 – How to buy from Turkey from home
    2.4 – How to buy original products from Turkey
    2.5 – How to ship from Turkey and receive them at home here in Nigeria
    2.6 – How to know original cloths
    2.7 – How to find a reliable agent to work with

Group C – Graphic design with Photoshop and CorelDraw + mobile photography

You’ll learn from scratch how to design eye-catchy graphics with photoshop and CorelDraw + how to shoot professional pictures with your mobile phone.

Group C training outline
  • 1.1 – Introduction to graphics design
    1.2 – The elements of design
    1.3 – The principles of design
    1.4 – The use of colors and typography
    1.5 – Creativity (how to generate concept)
    1.6 – Introduction to CorelDraw
    1.7 – Tools in CorelDraw
    1.8 – Practical design in CorelDraw
    1.9 – Introduction to Photoshop
    1.10 – Tools in Photoshop
    1.11 – Practical design in Photoshop
  • 2.1 – Understanding the mobile camera features and functionality
    2.2 – Relevant mobile software and Apps
    2.3 – Professional photography concept for marketing and sales

At this point, I won’t stretch this again but permit me to share a screenshot of the conversation I had with one of my trainees who was wondering why the sudden slash in price and was skeptical about the value that will be gotten from this training.

Kindly read through the screenshots.

Over to you…

We at LAskill Training Center want to help you to have a say in this digital economy. Will you reject this offer that might never come again?

Don’t negotiate with the negative thoughts in your head. Just make that move now by transferring ₦2,000 only (2k) into our account

  • Account Number: 122-0605-066
  • Bank Name: Zenith
  • Account Name: LearnAskill Digital Training Services

…then call/WhatsApp (0812-107-3763 or 0816-518-3620) immediately to confirm your payment, reserve your seat and send your registration code to you.

Remember, “Schooling doesn’t assure employment but skill does” and “If you want to make the world a better place, you have to use your skill(s)”

What skill have you got?

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the relevant digital skills. Pay into our account above and contact us ASAP! Meet with you on the first Saturday of May. Click here for more information.

Got questions?

Kindly call or send a WhatsApp message to 0812-107-3763 or 0816-518-3620. You can follow us on Instagram for timely updates.

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Charles Izuoba

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