LAskill Project 2.0 – Social Media Marketing Training

Social Media Marketing Training for Entrepreneurs

As usual, our training is focused on our youths, entrepreneurs, and SMEs. This training was geared to help the participants learn how to improve their social media marketing skills. The training took place at our training center with about 20 trainees covering undergraduates of the University of Uyo (Uniuyo), fresh graduates, corps members, and business owners with Mr. Charles Izuoba as the instructor.

The training lasted for about 3 hours with the objective that at the end of the session all the participants should;

  1. be enlightened on social media marketing,
  2. create visibility for their brands,
  3. boost their online sales with innovative strategies, and
  4. engage meaningful clients both online and offline.

Training method

The Training started with an opening prayer by one of the trainees. After which the instructor introduced himself as an innovative digital marketer he is and the topics to be discussed. He equally asked the participants to introduce themselves stating their name, state, occupation, and expectations of the training. Some writing materials were distributed.


The training covers how to sell online and offline using social media platforms for both company and personal brands. The training revealed 4 reliable ways to use social media to sell your products which are;

Know your customers’ behavior, then adapt:

  • Here, you have to check what your customers want online, whether videos, pictures, or write-ups, and focus on the one they like more.

Create and optimize the right content:

  • Consider the 3 things people look out for before buying any product (what is it? what is it talking about? and what is in it for me?). This will help you create your content.

Build and engage with your network:

  • Ask them questions in your post, let them get back to you.

Connect back to your objective:

  • Remember that the reason you are online is to get people to know you, what you do, then be able to buy from you.

The AIDA Analysis

The training also detailed the AIDA analysis, which stipulates

  • A – Awareness (create your brand awareness)
  • I – Interest (be engaging enough to get people’s interest)
  • D – Desire (get people to desire to do business with you)
  • A – Action ( call people to action, make them buy from you.

An additional points ‘R’ was given which stands for RETENTION (to be able to make a first time client, a returning client)

At some point in the session, there was a tea break, the participants had some refreshments and socialized.


In the concluding session, questions were asked and addressed, questionnaires were shared to evaluate the satisfaction of the participants and the impact of the training so far.

There were positive responses from the participants which, implied that the training objectives were achieved. The testimonies as you can see in the video below go a long way to show that LASkill is doing a great job in grooming and growing current and potential entrepreneurs to the right position as far as visibility in digital marketing is concerned.


Would you like to participate in our subsequent training, kindly click here to join our WhatsApp group where you’ll get updates about our activities at LASkill, or click here to see the list of training we offer.

Content Credit:

Written by Chisomaga Muodiaju (IG: @somagacreatives)
Shot by David Nse Okon (IG: @davidokhn)

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Charles Izuoba
Charles Izuoba

An innovative digital marketer and skill monetization strategist.